Let’s Shape the Molecules

Why does the molecule shape important?

The molecule is very important in terms of size and shape because each characterizes different function in cells.

VSEPR Model: Use to predict the shapes and angles of the molecule using their “pair electrons that surround the central molecules”

VSEPR for Lewis Structure: Valance electron, Skeleton, Electron, Pairs of bond, Review formal charge

Example: H2O

Valance electron: H2 = 1 x 2 = 2, O = 6, Sum of both valance electron is 8

Skeleton: = 2 electrons or we call it pair bond sharing between the molecule, HOH

Electron: Check it whether each molecule satisfy with their electron, Ex: H has 2 (share with O), which it is satisfying because it has the same outer shell like Helium

Pairs of bond: Check the structure whether it has more than one pair bond to share

Review Formal charge: To check all of the molecules, whether they satisfy their own needs or forget to create other pairs of bond

VSEPR for: Valance-Shell Electron-Pair Repulsion

Two bonded pairs:

Linear: only two bonded pair, 180o, non-polar

Bend: 2 bonded and 1 lone pair/s, <120o, polar

Trigonal planar: if only 3 bonded pairs, 120o, non-polar

Trigonal pyramidal- 3 bonded but also a lone pair, <109.5o, Polar

Tetrahedral: If only 4 bonded pairs, 109.5o, non-polar

See-saw: If 4 bonded and 1 lone pair, <900 and <1200, non-polar

Trigonal bipyramidal: If five bonded pairs, 900 and 1200, non-polar

Octahedral: If six bonded pairs, 900, non-polar

Example: SiS2


  • Lewis Structure
  • Check the lone pair/s electron
  • Identify the shape
  • Add the angle
  • Polar/non-polar


  • There are no lone pairs
  • Linear
  • 1800
  • Non-polar

Resources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNYiB_2u8J4


Liger Edge

Liger Edge is the first school newspaper in Liger. There are almost none of the school news in Cambodia as we research. Our goal for creating a school newspaper is to keep track of the school’s events and memories through students perspective. There are a variety of categories such as culture, feature, current event, a day in a life, opinion, sport, and stories of change. The news has two languages in Khmer and English in order to distribute the information for our Cambodian and global.


I was selected to be the Khmer Editor-in-chief for the Liger Edge. The reason why I join the exploration is that I want to improve my writing skill in both languages and also spread the information about what we are doing in Liger to people around the world.

One of the articles I wrote called “Do You Believe in……”

Go to our website:


American History

In this Literacy class, we were preparing for the upcoming SAT test. Our class was studying American history and how it evolved into today society. We read a different article such as Newsela and Commonlit: Give me Death or Give me Liberty, Excerpt from Tomas Jefferson writing, Causes of Civil War, Excerpt from the Jungle, America shifting views on Immigration, and the Great Depression.


Because it is a long history, I wrote this poem as a replacement for the summary.


Once upon a time, this was America, 1850

She was white and black

She was born with red chains

Carried the rake since 1

Ground the soil when she turned 5


She didn’t know how to count the numbers

Because she didn’t get the salary

she couldn’t read the letters

So she did not dare to spell the word “Penny”


8 hours a day, didn’t dare to say “Pain”

Smile little buddy because it rains

Her dad used to be the president in 1809

He formed the cage with all his pride


Why is the moon never full

The scars that left by the slaves’ owner

1860, her fingers completely glued to debt

She paid her life even though she didn’t owe him


Another winter has passed, but the snow kept falling

1861, shoot fireworks to celebrate the U.S Civil War

620,000 people booked to die on the map

Freed slaves of the chains, not the cages


South, North, they fought and then they slept

Her father survived without his lungs

1865, haunted her in every dream

She had no lord to fix the horrifying theme


1892, she stayed strong like a steel

But trouble road pulled her apart

An unhealthy woman forced by the guides

Because they didn’t allow the old fungi in the new garden yard


She had to say goodbye to America

42 years meant nothing more than a stray cat

She walked away because she was half Asian

Stranger, Danger for all the white bats


1906, she snuck into the U.S to smell the beef

Rats as a friend, blended in the shop

Worked, washed her hands with a chopping board

spoiled sausages as her pillows with the manufacturing glob


They ate the bread, and she ate the stem of the rice plants

Drank her own tears with all the Chinese tea

She wanted to be rich, reached to the future

Gain the money to beat the Father of California Wine


1954, who knew the first bite she took

She was not white, not Christian and had no books

She dug her own grave to read and write

But Cholera took her journey away


Dear generation, her voice was mute

She was on her own in the Town of Baltimore

She wrote the poem to tell her story

To her future 2018, This was America

Traveling Theater round 1

Traveling Theater is a project where the students create a variety of performance about the social impact of Cambodia culture. It will include a short play about important topics such as the problem in society, sanitation, and climate change. The bus and performers will travel around once a month to perform to different rural areas and share our short story to Cambodian.

In our class, we started with an understanding of how to write the play. Our facilitator would always start with script reading and analyze the concept, character, plots, and some writing techniques that make the script flow. We also look at photos or read the starting sentence of the script, then write a new script for it.

Last few weeks, we divided ourselves into a small team to write the play with a variety of topics: society, peer, family, relationship. My group chose to write about society impact on body image.

The story below is one of my writing exercises which inspired by the photo.

Name: Hana (flower in Japan)

Job: Flower seller

Age: 50


They are beautiful and velvety. The representative of the body, eyes, mouth, nose, and words. They grow from my feet, drink my tears, sleep on the palm of my hands, and cover by the blanket of wind.

But because I don’t have a word to spread them out, I sell those loves to everyone with 10% discount every twelve days, three months, New year, and valentine’s day

My customers usually ask for one specific type, color, shape, age, amount, and cost. People with the same face, different face, buy red for love, white for the dead, black for death, yellow for keep breathing. However, they always pack in the same way, grow on the same land, the same nutrition, and they are all the languages.

Everyone has their own best, But no one really keeps the dead unless they are more important than the human themselves.

But flowers are alive. They alive. They smile, and cry, and beg for a living. They will fade, but not fade, stays in memories of the differences.

My flowers are alive. Once live as a human. Hundreds, thousand, I mean hundred thousand flowers I bread, sell, I can’t find you. The one I need to make myself beautiful than the half-dead pedal.

I need your morning sun smile like a hydrangea.

“……” I can’t speak, but my flowers speak to me that I wait for a man, that vanish before my eyes on a flower farm. The man who makes me become a widow for 30 years, hugs his flower shop, and never travel to another farm than his.

Ring Ring Ring

“…” A man shows up and pulls a pink rose out of its pot

“I want ten of this rose.” He puts the flower on the counter while lifting his ten fingers on the air.

“….” I nod

I handed him ten yellow roses and one white. He looked at me and handed me with an extra dollar for the small white rose.

“…” I shake my head

“….” He smiles and pronounces the words thank you slowly.

“…” I give him a bright grin and wave when he opens the door and leaves


Happy Death’s Day! Alia….

“Hana! See this blue rose? I made them this morning.”

“Yes, Honey! It is beautiful,”

A melancholy rose was squishing my breath. My hand on the man who’s putting a ring on my fingers.

Bam! Bam!

“Ahhhh!” I screamed after hearing a sound of short gun crushing through the house

“Alia! Run! You have to run!” I whisper to Alia while the men outside trying to break the door and windows

“No! I can’t run anymore Hana. I can’t put you in danger.” He releases my hand and walks to the door.

“Alia! Stupid Alia, come back, No! No!!!!!!!!!”


The last sound I heard after the song of the death singing around my ears. Alia is gone. A good criminal that kills his own father for mother, his friend for the strangers, and break the universe law for the dead one. So I sacrifice my voice for his sin and keep his flower on the tattoo at the left shoulder of mind.

The Alia, the sun, I can’t keep my breath any longer. I want to say goodbye, but I am not, but I will. Wait for me, the cancer of mine will be my train to get to you. Today, Tomorrow, next months, and next year.


Flame Experiment

Chemistry Class

Why does the fire change its color? Are we putting the food color on the fire or gasoline to create colors flame?

The answer is NO.

The colors are changing because of the electrons get “excited” and produces the energy for the electrons to jump into different orbits and “fall back” to the ground. The photon that produces by those energy creates the wavelength that shows different colors on the flame.

To understand more about the flame, we did the experiments to see the quantitative and qualitative as the observation of the idea.

Flame Test Lap:


Safety goggles, wood splints, tongs/tweezers, Bunsen burner, test tubes with various compounds


  1. Safety goggles must be worn at all times
  2. Many of these salts are toxic. If you come into contact with any of the compounds make sure to notify the teacher and wash the contacted area thoroughly. Wash your hands before leaving the lab!


  1. Light the Bunsen burner (turn the gas on so you can just hear it, then use the striker)
  2. Place the wood splint for each compound into the flame using tongs or tweezers- ONE AT A TIME!
  3. Take note of the color of the flame and return the wood splint to the solution.
  4. CLEAN UP YOUR STATION! Carefully put the stoppers back on the solutions! Make sure the station looks like it did when you started! Let me know if you need new splints!
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the laboratory

This is my report to the experiment


SAT Preparation

SAT is very important to the students who want to learn abroad especially the United States. I don’t really know about the country or university I am going to get in. However, as the opportunity falls on my hands, I want this test to be one of my option for picking the university. The test is going to happen on October 6, 2018.

There are around 41 skills in 4 categories that included in the SAT test: Geometry, Algebra, trigonometry, and statistics etc. In the real test has two part: no calculator and with the calculator. The full scores for math are 800 and the overall score of the test is 1600.

We prepared ourselves using Khanacademy, and college board with previous SAT tests and set the timer for the practice. Our teacher also sent us other resources to practice and went through some topics that necessary.

As I learned and observed with classmates and teachers, some questions scared us because of their wording or long sentences even though they are easy to handle. Besides, we also need to identify all of those questions and pick the easy to answer first. This way we can save times and complete the necessary questions which still gives us a good result.  Another important thing is that we need to time ourselves in order to get used to the timing.

However, because Liger provided many opportunities that fill up my schedule, I don’t really have time to only focus on the SAT. One solution that helps me to remember the lessons and skills in the test is by taking notes and practice. I literally take all the important pieces that my teacher taught us or during my practice sessions. Besides, I also have scheduled to practice on Khan one-hour a day and 3 hours on the weekend.


These are a few notes that I took.

PSAT BootCamp

The first day of school I was like wow, freak out. I quickly opened my notebooks (lessons and tips that I noted on the holiday while practicing SAT) to review. Well, the test didn’t turn out that well anyway because my class did a wrong test section.

However, I meet these two amazing women. Amanda and Kim, an ESL teacher from all girl-school in New Jersey and a recent grad in Computer science. 

Amanda responsible for Reading and Grammar section while Kim handled the math section. At first, it was a bit hard to take all those great information and tips on summarising the passages, label them, or manage the times to do the easier questions first. 

Nevertheless, with practices and explanations, my scores boosted up more than 60 points in each section.

I was glad that Liger gives me this opportunity to meet great people and let me explore a new experience that will help me prepare for the real tests. 

Photographer: Karen

Volunteer for Frisbee at Kampong Speu

Running and jumping is hard. I need long arms, long legs, long body to reach the disk. However, frisbee makes me want to grow–not taller, but stronger as a human being.

There are not many women who would play sport since some Cambodians still believe that women who are muscular are all ugly. And the man should be the one who participates in those activities. But, I think that anyone can be anything. Sport is not just for tall or short, fat or skinny, black or white–it is the action of making you healthy and to release some stress; even more is to meet new people and to create new friends.

I had fallen in love with one more sport besides basketball, and that is Frisbee. There are not many Cambodians who know about this beautiful sport. I am just one of the trainers for BeeForce for about 5 months. However, I had learn to work as a team, be integrity, and be respectful to the other team members.

My teammates and I wanted to bring this sport to young Cambodians. So we had decided to volunteer and spend our weekend to teach CAMKIDS’ students of how to play frisbee. The students were very excited and nervous at the same time. It was a big baking day where we were running back and force on the field to catch the frisbee. I was very grateful to see how much they love this sport and wanted us to come back again.

I got some beautiful drawing from the student’s their for a thank you.


Put Myself Inside Her High Heels

A few months ago, we were studied about the Gender equality and equity. Our literacy assignment was to write our experiences or research on the gender in Cambodia. And this is my work.

Put Myself Inside Her High Heels

In Cambodia, there is only one word for people who identify as bisexual, gay and transgender – gay. There are no real names to identify the spectrum of LGBTQ. Due to this lack of language, transgenders are often negatively targeted and only recognized as “gay.”

The transgender community has faced discrimination and oppression as well as physical and verbal abuse. According to the survey from Cambodian Center for Human Rights out of four different provinces,  92% of the interviewee experienced verbal abuse, 43% experienced physical violence, 31% sexual assault, and 25% were raped.

Since I was born in a local community that has a large population of transgenders; I usually see them in the wedding establishment or in the market. I remembered one day when my mom took me to Takeo Market. I saw a 1.75m beautiful woman who walked confidently with her high heels, which is about 12 cm passing by the road. “See that gay person, it looks like a pillar,” said the seller, “I don’t know how much did that gay spend to change itself. How useless, there is no future for that person.” I heard those conversations from one of the sellers that sells me vegetables. And It keeps me wondering how the woman managed to hold her smile knowing the criticism from others in the market.

It is very agonizing that people don’t accept them. However, there are transgenders who are trying to break the gender stereotype. Popi or also known as Leang Sothea won the Crowned Cambodia’s first transvestite beauty queen in 2001 has become the first known transgender. Popi first realized that she loved man at the age of 8 and at the age of 16, she started to wear “women clothes”. She claimed in the Phnom Penh Post that before she became famous, “ [she] was in a real dilemma; men didn’t like [her], and women didn’t like [her].” But there is nothing wrong with her because “It is [her] inclination by nature” that she is born with a woman’s heart. In 2006, she did a sex-change operation and became a popular transgender MC on the television. Moreover she “enjoys reading fashion catalogues, “hair decor” and excursions to the seaside, she is not just another pretty face.”

Popi has the stamina to archives her goals, but there are others that have not had this chance. They need support and appreciation from their family, friends, and society to be able to step up and be proud of who they are. However, this notion is not yet popular in Cambodia. The process of acceptance maybe slow, but necessary. We must all put ourselves in her high heels and recognize empathy is the key to understand.