life on the border Student first plan

life on the border

Group Members: Kimseng, Vornsar, Vitou, Sreyneang O and Soliday

  • Project Summary

– This project based on whole trip learning at Cambodia Thailand  International Border.Firstly,

We will learn about exploration prepare by using their teacher model.Then we will practice running the trip to border with teacher.We will discuss in and make group decision to explore our topic about people live along the border. At the end, Students will understands about different life of people living in different places.     


  • Project Outcome

– Students will understands the process of running               

project such as: Research, Making group decision,

Organize plan, Managing time, Communicate with

other people, using resources efficiently and

transparently. We will make a film  by using

technology stuff and make the blog to share

with people all over the world.


  • Project Mentors

          The mentor is:

         –  Miss Lita

         –  Mr.Darath

         –  Mr.Kimchhel

         – Mr.r.Chomno

         – Mr.Retry


  • Admin Manager:

         – Mr.Sophal

  • Field Experience

         – CWCC

        – HOPE

       – Drop of water

  • 21st Century Learning Skills

  – Research skill

  –  Problem solving


  •    Core Curriculum

      – Technology

     – English

     – Economic

     -Geography ( People, Weather, Location, Emigration , Religion)


    – Art

 How does this project address the following areas ?                                                                                                                            – Information Technology   

 .Use camera                                                                               

 .Use GPS  

 .Use  computer to research                                                                                                                                                                                          .Take picture and video

  . Computer to make documentary                     

 .Film maker

– Making Change In Cambodia           


. Repair plan

. Research

. Using resources efficiently  


  •                                                                                                                                                                          Global Connection

.   Create a blog detailing

.    Process of learning and connecting through network  

.  Making film  and post it in blog                                                               

  • Essential Question
  1. What mostly job that people in poipet?     
  2. Why they went to live in Poipet?
  3. How many people are live in Poipet?( children, adult and have family)
  4. How the people work in Poipet?
  5. How the people life in poipet?
  6. How many village are in Poipet?
  7. How is Education , Economic , Health and Religion?
  8. What is the disadvantages and the advantages of the people live in Poipet?


Trip to Poipet Dilly Plan

24th we leave campus at 8 am. We ride from Liger to poipet is 9or10 hours


 At 24th


  • Eat breakfast 7:00am
  • Leave Liger 8:00am
  • Play games in bus
  • Review …
  • 12:00am lunch
  • 3:30pm snack
  • At Poipet 6:00pm(Check in guest house)
  • Eat dinner 7:00pm
  • Relax & play 7:30pm
  • Meeting 8:00pm

     (practice the questionnaire       

      with teacher))

  • Sleep 9:30pm


25th to CWCC


  • Wake up 6:30am
  • 7:30am breakfast
  • 8:15am leave
  • 8:30am arrives CWCC

        Morning at 8:40am


  • Introduction to CWCC
  • Join workshop  
  • Start Interview
  • Film
  • Eat lunch at 12:00


      Afternoon 1:00pm

  • Visit to the Safe      Center of CWCC
  •  Film
  •  Interview
  • 5:00pm come back to the guest house
  • Relax & play
  • Eat dinner 7:00pm
  • Meeting 7:45pm
  • Go out side 8:30pm
  • Sleep 9:30pm


26 Cambodia hope


  • Wake up 6:30am
  • Eat breakfast 7:30am
  • Go to Hope 8:15am
  • Arrive at there 8:30am
  • Visit to formal and Non-formal school
  • Eat lunch 12:00pm
  • 1:30pm (Play game with them)
  • 5:00pm come back to guest house
  • Relax & play
  • Eat dinner 7:00pm
  • Meeting 8:00pm
  • Go out side 8:30pm
  • Sleep 9:30pm


27 Cambodia Hope


    • Wake up 6:30am
    • Breakfast 7:30am
    • Go to Hope 8:15am
    • Arrives there 8:30am


  • Visit to farm


  • Join these activities
  • 12:00am lunch
  • Join these activities
  • 5:00pm come back
  • Relax & play
  • Eat dinner 7:00pm
  • Meeting 8:00pm
  • Go out side 8:30pm
  • Sleep 9:30pm


28 Drop of water

  • Wake up 6:30am
  • Eat breakfast 7:30am
  • Go to Drop of water 8:15am
  • Eat lunch 12:00pm
  • Go around and interview the card worker
  • At afternoon interview the lady in market
  • Come back to guest house at 5:30
  • Eat dinner 7:00pm
  • Relax & play 7:30pm
  • Pick up 7:40pm
  • Relax & play 8:20pm
  • Sleep 9:00pm

29 Come bake

  • Wake up 6:30am
  • Breakfast 7:00am
  • 8:00am leave Poipet
  • Play games in bus
  • 10:30am snack
  • 12:00pm lunch
  • Arrive Liger 6:00pm
  • Dinner 6:45 pm

Student :

Samnang G
Sreyneang O


Samnang B


Meng huoth


Vorn zsar