Packing for forest

September 10, 2014

The sun starts to shine on the earth. We all awake and start to pack the things for the trip. we went into the forest for four days and three nights so we took 4 shirts, 4 pants, sheet, blanket, big bag and our journal book. Everyone was rushing to pack the things to get ready.  Some people took the turn to shower and others organized their bed.

When we finished our bags some of us organized the snacks like cookies and Royal Dys for the trip. Other people found the mammal books and birds books. When everything was finished we took our bags to downstairs and some of the things like the snacks, books, containers also another extra thing for help us.

Everyone said loudly “so heavy teacher it heavier than first time”. We all carry the big bags with the heavy boxes to the restaurant. We all checked again at the restaurant before we leave to the forest.