Overcoming my fear of the GHOSTS

     I closed my eyes and sat beside the long road in the dark place near my house. Other people thought that I was the brave girl, but they didn’t know what happened…

    I remember when I was six years old I went to my grandmother’s house with my family. I was walking to grab a chair but one sound caught my attention. I heard the sound of a miserable girl shouting loudly for help. I walked slowly and quietly into the dark rooms where the sounds came from. BOOM!!! I fell down on the floor. I froze but I still moved my eyes. “What is the small light that is flashing on me?” I asked myself. I endeavored to stand up and found what the light was. I  collected all my courage and walked to see. Oop! I saw a woman was standing in front of the old house in the TV. She had black, long hair and small, red eyes coming out from a white face. She still smiled while the worms ate her skin and the blood came out from her body.


I came and sat on the bed and asked my cousin what it is that I saw. “Is it the ghost?” I asked. I opened my eyes because I had so many questions to ask. “Yes!” my cousin said. While I watched the ghost movies I was thinking about my friends. They said that the ghosts are so dangerous, they have the big red eyes, long hair and wear the white dress. I stopped imagining what my friends told me, I collected myself and kept watching the ghost movie until it was finished.


I never found out what it was that I saw. I can’t believe that I can know what I don’t want to know.


When the movie was done I just walked and played the games with my cousin but I still kept thinking about the ghosts. I looked around myself, “What am I  gonna do?” I asked myself. I walked on the road by myself and I saw something fly across the sky. It had long hair and  big green eyes. When she moved her head I saw her heart, stomach and something else like the light at the bottom of her stomach. The light was green, red and blue. I ran and tried to see her face but she flew so fast. I asked my friends and my grandmother about it. then my grandma said it was just the light. If we do not care and we do not disturb them they will not terrify us. I knew that it was the witch that I always heard about every day from my friends. What am I  going to do?


This is a picture that I drew. It shows me imagining when I was six years old and learned about ghosts for the first time.


I walked on the road near my house every day to think about what I thought about the ghost. What was my solution and how could I forget the things that I saw? I just threw the rocks into the water.


“I know I need to test myself to find out how strong I am. I need to do it now starting from today.” I talked with my dog while my dog licked my hand.


1st Day: Thursday

I went to the small library to find the ghost books. I took one Khmer book that was the oldest. It was about the ghost and some parts were about funny stories. I tried to skip the funny stories and I found more information about what is the ghost and where was the ghost from, but I was still scared about the ghost.


2nd Day: Friday

I went to the Pagoda and listened to the monks and what they said about the ghost. They said, “The ghosts are not real, it is just our feelings.” I just said thank you and walked back to my house and tried to think that there was no ghost ………………  But I was still scared about it.


3rd Day: Saturday

I asked my family how to overcome my fear of ghosts, but they said, “Don’t keep thinking about it, we are really busy, ask other people.” Oh! it was hard, it still terrified me.


4th Day: Sunday

Now! I know about the ghost enough to make my own experience. I tested myself. I walked through the pagoda by myself.  It was a little bit scary but I tried and thought about what I knew and believed before about the ghost. The sky was still dark, and the wind still blew. It  made me scared but I tried to collect all my  courage that I had been saving  to overcome my ghost challenges.


At the end of the road I took a big breath and said to myself, “what I saw, it was not  anything, so no ghost, no fear, no other things. I know it was just my feelings.”


I drew this picture to show when I tried to find the solution for overcoming my fear of ghosts.


Now I knew everything about the ghosts, but what was I going to do with it?


In the next morning I went to learn and it was time for me to share what I knew. My friends came to ask me about the ghost and then I told them what I did about overcoming the fear of ghosts last night.


I am the bravest girl in the class. My friends always asked me to help them when they were scared of something and when they saw the scary thing.


Then, I came to Liger. I forgot everything about the ghost because I just kept thinking about my learning. One day at Liger students met the same things that I met before. They were scared of the ghosts. I didn’t know what to do because the situation that I had been in before about the ghost came really fast. I forgot how to collect all my courage because all of the students were terrified and I was too. On the next morning the R.E called the monks to come. The monks wore orange fabrics. He explained slowly about the ghosts. The monk said, “No ghost. The ghost is just the body that died already. The ghost that you see is just a ghost that we are imagining, but really it is something that looks black or dark.” Oh! now he made me think about my experience about the ghost.


I felt free after the monk talked to us but I wanted to get more experiences and I knew that I would go to the forests because of the Tropical Forest Ecology Exploration. It was the dark place but I wanted to know more about the ghost. I waited for five days and then it was time to go. I walked slowly through the forests. I woke up in the night and walked by myself to the toilet. I did not see any thing scary so Yes! There is no ghost in the forest like in the movies.


I drew this picture to show when I  was learning in the Liger Learning Center and I was scared of the ghost again.


“I feel so happy!” I cried


Anyways, I collected myself and said it was my favorite thing and big experience that I never had before about the ghosts.


“No more the dark place, no more the ghost, good bye to my mind,” I said to myself. “You can not control me anymore and you can’t terrify me by using other people’s behavior to mix with my thoughts.”


I will not be afraid of ghosts anymore. I have overcome my fear of ghosts.


I stood up and smiled to the dark sky but what is the light? Maybe it was the witch, I don’t know. Now it is time for you to find out what it looks like when you overcome all of the scary things in your mind and endeavor to get free from them.


“Don’t wait until everything is a ghost, start now. Don’t let the feeling make you scared, but be yourself.



Liger Olympic 2014

In every year, Liger has a special activity called Olympic. We all including students and staff gather in big groups and try to solve the problems to compete with another group. Because we all have an open-minded, we don’t really care much about winning. However, the things that we remember the most are the happiness and the beautiful time we spend together.