The main thing that I learn during this exploration is a lot. I learn how to make the things by using 3D printer. I learn how to work in the group. I learn how to sell or create the new thing to be the Entrepreneur person that I never been before. I learn how it feel different ways when the customer ask the hard questions and I didn’t know how to answer and sometime it make me feel upset about my product but I learn how to be strong and believe myself that I can do it also improve my product event one person.I think Validation is the important words because I think that to get improve or confirm is good because what ever the feedback we get we need to think and validation our product. Also we need to be Commitment and integrity because this is not the business and event this not the business we need to being honest so the customer will believe us and we easy to work with them. I love the words  resilience because if we want to done something fast and good we need to try hard and work doubly hard to get better. The important thing for this Exploration is the market, no market we hard to sell.If I can do this exploration again I will did little different than this time because I get a lot of experience and know lots of things about Entrep so it easy for me to have time think more about my product. Also I don’t know what I make next and the team but I hope that I will get the people that endeavor in the team and help each other, never give up what ever the situation are.

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