Football or soccer is one of the famous sport in the world. I joined a football team since 2012. There were not many competitions these past years because there are not a lot of girls play football. However, the girls who competed with us are bigger, older and stronger due to their daily practice. Liger girls are looking forward to gaining more experiences to become stronger.

Photography by unknown


Maker Faire

On the maker faire we had so many art activities like: bubble paint, drawing anime, free painting, bracelet and origami live music. I had notice that they afraid of drawing because they scared other people will judge on their drawing. Also some of the students said they didn’t have any art class. Our challenge are, there were so many people came and visited us but we didn’t have enough place for them.

Including to this maker faire, they had maker faire competition. There are five challeges that the students must complete on. There were six liger’s students got into the final and the rest were random.
We did the challenge by present to them about our product in khmer, english or both.