Kingdom of WOW

Three of my friends and I are making one of the talent show for Phnom Penh kids from 9-18 years old to show all of there talent. We started very hard to learn how to start the show while making plan to the show. As you know, to run one big talent show is hard and we had only 4 students and 2 facilitators who look after us. We tried our best to attract the students to join our show and before that we need to get permission from each schools that we went. Some schools were tough to talk too and some were easy. The hardest part was try to find sponsorship. My friends, teachers and I were very stressful because we just plan this for 3 months. We have less time to work on it, so we need to work until night time to get this done.

At the end, I am so happy because we successfully on the talent show.

This is in the talent show.PSAM0017






I also have one band call “Who” too. We won the first place of band category.



This is a group picture.


Committees picture

We also have the advertise on MYTV and Sabay

This is the winner in singing category.

YouTube Channel

Sopheak and I were starting a YouTube Channel call “Vornsar and Sopheak”. We are making the video about games, dance, music, art and other fun activities. We make this to share to Cambodian people to use YouTube in a good way. Please! If you have YouTube Channel, don’t forget to subscribes, like, comment and share. Our Facebook page call ” Sopheak Vornsar Sopheak Vornsar”.