Our project is to interview change agents from Cambodia and all around the world. They could be Entrepreneurs, Founders, Social Enterprise and NGOs. The mission of this project is to inspire young entrepreneurs and students in Cambodia by our change agent’s advice. We tried to contact many people that we identified as change agents to do a Skype interview. Some of them are billionaires, millionaires, famous, success and not yet success. Not all of our change agents accept the interview but there are some interesting people accepted. http://changeagents.ligercambodiablog.org/

I had been sending the messages to change agents like Facebook(Mark Zuckerberg), Iching(Dana), Phare(Vutha), Save the Children but some of them are busy and I also get some response back.

This exploration was helping me to be brave to contact to other people. It gains interviewing skill and experience so that at the future, we get ready to meet with new people.

My favorite part was I can be able to share my experiences from the interview and a good suggestions from the change agents so the new entrepreneurs.