Volunteer for Frisbee at Kampong Speu

Running and jumping is hard. I need long arms, long legs, long body to reach the disk. However, frisbee makes me want to grow–not taller, but stronger as a human being.

There are not many women who would play sport since some Cambodians still believe that women who are muscular are all ugly. And the man should be the one who participates in those activities. But, I think that anyone can be anything. Sport is not just for tall or short, fat or skinny, black or white–it is the action of making you healthy and to release some stress; even more is to meet new people and to create new friends.

I had fallen in love with one more sport besides basketball, and that is Frisbee. There are not many Cambodians who know about this beautiful sport. I am just one of the trainers for BeeForce for about 5 months. However, I had learn to work as a team, be integrity, and be respectful to the other team members.

My teammates and I wanted to bring this sport to young Cambodians. So we had decided to volunteer and spend our weekend to teach CAMKIDS’ students of how to play frisbee. The students were very excited and nervous at the same time. It was a big baking day where we were running back and force on the field to catch the frisbee. I was very grateful to see how much they love this sport and wanted us to come back again.

I got some beautiful drawing from the student’s their for a thank you.