PSAT BootCamp

The first day of school I was like wow, freak out. I quickly opened my notebooks (lessons and tips that I noted on the holiday while practicing SAT) to review. Well, the test didn’t turn out that well anyway because my class did a wrong test section.

However, I meet these two amazing women. Amanda and Kim, an ESL teacher from all girl-school in New Jersey and a recent grad in Computer science. 

Amanda responsible for Reading and Grammar section while Kim handled the math section. At first, it was a bit hard to take all those great information and tips on summarising the passages, label them, or manage the times to do the easier questions first. 

Nevertheless, with practices and explanations, my scores boosted up more than 60 points in each section.

I was glad that Liger gives me this opportunity to meet great people and let me explore a new experience that will help me prepare for the real tests. 

Photographer: Karen

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