SAT Preparation

SAT is very important to the students who want to learn abroad especially the United States. I don’t really know about the country or university I am going to get in. However, as the opportunity falls on my hands, I want this test to be one of my option for picking the university. The test is going to happen on October 6, 2018.

There are around 41 skills in 4 categories that included in the SAT test: Geometry, Algebra, trigonometry, and statistics etc. In the real test has two part: no calculator and with the calculator. The full scores for math are 800 and the overall score of the test is 1600.

We prepared ourselves using Khanacademy, and college board with previous SAT tests and set the timer for the practice. Our teacher also sent us other resources to practice and went through some topics that necessary.

As I learned and observed with classmates and teachers, some questions scared us because of their wording or long sentences even though they are easy to handle. Besides, we also need to identify all of those questions and pick the easy to answer first. This way we can save times and complete the necessary questions which still gives us a good result.  Another important thing is that we need to time ourselves in order to get used to the timing.

However, because Liger provided many opportunities that fill up my schedule, I don’t really have time to only focus on the SAT. One solution that helps me to remember the lessons and skills in the test is by taking notes and practice. I literally take all the important pieces that my teacher taught us or during my practice sessions. Besides, I also have scheduled to practice on Khan one-hour a day and 3 hours on the weekend.


These are a few notes that I took.

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