American History

In this Literacy class, we were preparing for the upcoming SAT test. Our class was studying American history and how it evolved into today society. We read a different article such as Newsela and Commonlit: Give me Death or Give me Liberty, Excerpt from Tomas Jefferson writing, Causes of Civil War, Excerpt from the Jungle, America shifting views on Immigration, and the Great Depression.


Because it is a long history, I wrote this poem as a replacement for the summary.


Once upon a time, this was America, 1850

She was white and black

She was born with red chains

Carried the rake since 1

Ground the soil when she turned 5


She didn’t know how to count the numbers

Because she didn’t get the salary

she couldn’t read the letters

So she did not dare to spell the word “Penny”


8 hours a day, didn’t dare to say “Pain”

Smile little buddy because it rains

Her dad used to be the president in 1809

He formed the cage with all his pride


Why is the moon never full

The scars that left by the slaves’ owner

1860, her fingers completely glued to debt

She paid her life even though she didn’t owe him


Another winter has passed, but the snow kept falling

1861, shoot fireworks to celebrate the U.S Civil War

620,000 people booked to die on the map

Freed slaves of the chains, not the cages


South, North, they fought and then they slept

Her father survived without his lungs

1865, haunted her in every dream

She had no lord to fix the horrifying theme


1892, she stayed strong like a steel

But trouble road pulled her apart

An unhealthy woman forced by the guides

Because they didn’t allow the old fungi in the new garden yard


She had to say goodbye to America

42 years meant nothing more than a stray cat

She walked away because she was half Asian

Stranger, Danger for all the white bats


1906, she snuck into the U.S to smell the beef

Rats as a friend, blended in the shop

Worked, washed her hands with a chopping board

spoiled sausages as her pillows with the manufacturing glob


They ate the bread, and she ate the stem of the rice plants

Drank her own tears with all the Chinese tea

She wanted to be rich, reached to the future

Gain the money to beat the Father of California Wine


1954, who knew the first bite she took

She was not white, not Christian and had no books

She dug her own grave to read and write

But Cholera took her journey away


Dear generation, her voice was mute

She was on her own in the Town of Baltimore

She wrote the poem to tell her story

To her future 2018, This was America

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