Khmer Literature and Culture Festival

សុបិន្ត។ យើង គិតថា វាគ្រាន់តែជាសុបិន្ត។ ប៉ុន្តែតាមពិតទៅ វា គឺជាការបំភាន់មួយ ដែលនឹងឆាឆៅពិភពពិត។

Dreamed. We thought it was just a dream. But It is an illusion that about to invade reality.

It was happening. After three months of researching, organizing, and preparing, Khmer Literature Festival that organized by Liger student had finally printed on our calendar on May 26th, 2019.

We opened our day with speeches from the US embassador representation, our director, our facilitator: Sokha, and our organizer.


There were many booths: Language History, Cambodia Traditional Game, Music History, Language Usage, General information, etc. My booth was about the language revolution and how can we write our name using before-Angkor-period alphabets and vowels.


We continued with dance and traditional clothes by period catwalks. People were amazed and had learned the clothing revolution and hairstyle. Many people like the new generation don’t really know and some elders were already forgotten about these clothes.


There was a diversity of students and schools joined this Khmer festival. However, it created to remind us that we are not. We are one from a country who holds our culture with pride.

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Identity the Acid/Base


I was very busy with my internship in the morning and missed a lot of classes especially the lab. However, I got to understand and caught up with some of the Acid/Base and pH/POH explanation. Here is one of the lab that I did. It is an experiment where we are trying to discover which solution is the acid and which one is the base.

Acid/Base Scientific Explanation Lab

Objective: The goal of this activity is to collect enough data to make a claim as to which of the 3 unknown solutions are acids.  You must perform at least 3 tests to ensure proper data to make a solid claim.  Once you have collected your data you will write a scientific explanation as to which solutions are acids.    In a section labeled objective, write down the goal of this lab.


  • solutions A, B, C in dropper bottles
  • well plates to place solutions
  • Red litmus paper
  • phenolphthalein
  • bromothymol blue indicator  (turns yellow for acids, green for neutral, blue for bases)


  1. Solution A# must have 10 ml in a block
  2. Repeat 1# two more times
  3. Add one drop of Phenolphthalein to the first block and stir
  4. Take Lip must paper and dip in the second block
  5. Add one drop of Bromothymol and stir
  6. Wait and see the reaction
  7. Repeat #1 to #6 procedure again on #B and #C solutions

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