Changing Cambodia 2016-2017

The word change isn’t really long but it’s powerful and spacious than other things. As Cambodia is the developing country, to change Cambodia is the big step that needs all the people’s help. To be able to respond to the problems, we handing one of the projects called Exploration where the students scrutinize the risks and the causes of the complication in all the provinces around Cambodia.

In the matter of fact, one of the issues that Cambodia is facing is with health. People in rural areas and on islands are having the most health problems because they can’t afford to buy the medicines or travel to the hospitals. Some people on the island don’t really get enough education about the hygiene because they have a lack of fresh water. Many kids have Mountain Dew teeth and Diabetes because they don’t have a healthy diet. Our exploration called Preventative Healthcare had a goal to explore Songsa island to be able to share the information with all the villagers. As the islands are far away from the city and they don’t really have good water and hospital, people need to face a lot of risks to survive. We were taking this opportunity to teach the students of how to eat healthily and brushing the teeth. As a result, all the students understood about preventative healthcare and were able to pass on the message to their parents and neighbors. This action was helping all the new generation to be aware of diseases and be able to continue changing their own island. Furthermore, Cambodia is facing the lack of human resources, to save their life on the island, is one of the solutions for two problems.

On the other hand, Phnom Penh has the obstacles on roads; transportations. Also, most of the provinces and people face some of the infrastructure problems, such as irrigation system for agriculture. Because of the lack of quality products and the plans of building the solution is uncertain, it causes the change in the country to move gradually. To solve the problems, we are working on answering the needs in term of infrastructure to change Cambodia. The four main topics that we focused on are utility, transportation, agriculture, and health. To iron out the dilemma, and improve Cambodia infrastructure, we have been created Phnom Penh future as a sample in Minecraft to show what will happen if there is a better infrastructure in Phnom Penh and other provinces. Also, we have made the report on infrastructure plan and buildings right now with the improvement. Therefore, we would like to share the information with all the new generation and making more qualified ideas to create new changes for Cambodia.

In conclusion, Cambodia is still one of the developing country. It needs a lot of human resources and better infrastructure to run the whole country. As I am one of the change agent and had been through the Exploration preventative healthcare and infrastructure in Cambodia, my experiences and knowledge had been shared to people. This important topics with good result may inspire new generation to create new ideas or projects to develop, solve the problems and make Cambodia a better place.