Bear the Bear

Writing is where I create my imaginary world and become the hero for all the living creatures in that world. Writing is where I express my feelings, I can make it be the most stupid stories with the clumsy and crazy character that I could laugh all day long.  They are the one who solves my real problems, trying to find new solutions for my headache days.

A while ago, I was apart of the Creative Writing Story Expertise. We learned how to use all kinds of writing techniques through poems and short stories. I wrote a lot of poems, pass responses, and short stories.

Bear the Bear” is one of my favorite stories.

Bear the Bear

Bally, I am a 1.30m polar bear. I’ve been pass down five or six times. I am a bear who happily shower the impurity on the palm sofar waiting for my beautiful master’s smile. I wait until my thick furs are short, adhesive, and my

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Creative Poem

One of the expertise I have joined called Creative Writing with my literacy teacher, Cara. The past few weeks, we learned how to write the poem, short story, and Creative College Essay Prompts. We used many resources from the books or other people story and rewrite them in another perspective view of another character.

This is one of my poem that I wrote.

She said the words

To Irk the stars

Jealous of the brightness

Denouncing the matter

How short her wings are

With an instantaneous greed

just to besiege the moon