The Falling Petal

This is a story of plants lover girl who been absorbed by 100 petals lotus into the other world. She discovered that she is a man once she woke up and also suddenly become a god that people respect. But only one guy that doesn’t believe her, and so she tries to ask him to bring her back. However, some substances distract her. The weak world needs her but she can only stay for 100 days before she dies. Will she throw everything away to save this world or go back home with the guy?

This is one piece of the story. 

Aquarius 1rd

My eyes open wisely as I heard the sound of the eagle wander around my ear.

“Where is this place?” I asked myself as I sit up straight and look around.

The room is like a teepee with 17 long small oak tree’ trunks as a pole, prop up about 20 ft from the ground. At one side of the room is connected to another really small room about 4m2. This whole place is covering by white fabric that makes me feel I am in the funeral ceremony. But because of those artistic drawing of animals, rivers, flowers, trees, stars, moon, and the sun, make the room looks more lively. The rustling ground holding the tables, bed, and chairs that made out of Krongoung trees. Some rare stuff such as white tigers and lions heads are hanging as a decoration and I can see their skin has been used as bed sheets.

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Book Launched Event

On August 3rd, 2017, I went the book launch called the Mekong Shadows, Tales from Cambodia with my father and sister. I was the second winner in writing the short story under the theme “Noir”. There are about five or six Cambodian who wrote the story including me. I was the youngest author in the book and it made me nervous and excited.


My short story called “Little Girl and the Hat”. It was about the life of a little five-year-old girl who suffered from the loss of her mother and finance problems. The story express the feeling of younger with an adult mind because of the experiences she has been through.


Khmer Short Story

When I have free time, I also love writing a fictional story in the Khmer Language. Due to my experience, I think that both Khmer and English writing format are similar. But the difference is that there are more flexible using Khmer words that English as Khmer is my first language.

This is one piece of a story I wrote. I am planning to write them in series.

កញ្ញាដំបងយក្ស or Ms. Cactus

The story is about a girl who has a mother as Pnoung and her father as a foreigner. After her mother died, her father came and pick her up to live in the city. Because her behavior and survival skills are difference from other people, it is hard for a 17-year-old girl to live. On the first day of school, she is introduced to a fine young man that people called “A student council president” to look after her. At first, she wonders why the school director lets her be under control of the bad mouth guy. Sooner she realizes that he isn’t that bad and that he also a guys that she is looking for.


ដំបងយក្ស គឺជាប្រភេទប្រទាលម្យ៉ាង ស្រោបដោយបន្លាតូចៗ ដែលភាគច្រើនប្រជាជនខ្មែរ យកវាមកធ្វើជារបងផ្ទះ។ ប្រទាលនេះគឺមានរូបរាងធំ រឹងមាំ អាចបន្លាច មនុស្សសត្វ និងរុក្ខជាតិផ្សេងទៀតមិនអោយចូលមកក្នុងគេហដ្ធានរបស់អ្នកបាន។ ដោយមាឌដំបងធំ និងកាយវិការគំរោះគំរើយបែបនេះហើយ ទើបគ្មានអ្នកណាចូលចិត្ត ឬចង់សាកប៉ះពាល់រូបពិតនៅក្រោយសំបករបស់ដំបងយក្ស។

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How can I face those cold big eyes?
It’s freezing me till I die
Into the arm of my hero
The Heroin that I addicted to
The sweetness sense for goodness sake
Dissolves my heart and Snaps my brain
Stinks all my sense of humor
Bewilders me into the clown
How can I dare forget your kiss?
Those red lips that tremble in front of my cheeks
Those cherry smile under the blossom trees
Confiscates all of my attention
The soft pillow I want to hold
The long, short breathe beneath my chin
The ticklish bites that I want you to give me
The velvety voice that never disappears
How can I give up so soon?
The beautiful wall that I breakthrough
The long wise hair falls on my hands
I braid our love into the moon
Who knows that I get drunk by your chocolate?
The bitterness that I don’t care
You poison me into the depth of despair
Can’t get back home without your mercy
I lose along the games you play
Crush by your crushes to take you out
How can you not accept my love
Love me or not, Babe please say yes!

Art in the Ads

Many people are very sensitive to art and design that tells them stories, to colors that induce them to cry, smile, wonder, and yearn, and to typography that grabs their attention. To be able to get customers, many businesses try to find attractive packages, flyers, print and video ads. The job of creating the colors, the typography, and the art in this ads are handled by graphic designers.

I have an exploration called Art in Cambodia, which is about making printed ads, posters, storyboard, and magazine. We were using an old technique of creating printed ads and creating new printed ads by the 80s-90s styles.

By: Orbit                            By: Vornsar

Two Colors for K and E

                បទពាក្យ ៧

អាសូរម្ចាស់ដៃសរសៃសូត្រ     ទោរទន់យោរយកតាមអក្ខរា

ក្រអូបឈ្ងុយឈ្ងប់ក្លិនបុស្បា     បង់បោយយាត្រាតាមសំបុត្រ ។

អាសូរម្ចាស់ដៃត្រកងអូន      រាត្រីសាយ័នស្នេហ៌បរិសុទ្ធ

ពេលណាអ្នកមកអោយចន្ទផុត   ទុក្ខារាប់សិបក្នុងចិន្តា ។

អាសូរម្ចាស់ដៃប្រលាក់ពណ៍ ​​​​​​ ​  ម្ចាស់ដៃរូបល្អ ក្នុងលោកា

ភ្លេចញាំខ្ចៅខ្ចងម្ចូរម្លូរស្លា     ភ្លេចខ្លុយស្នេហារូបអូនហើយ ។

អាសូរម្ចាស់ដៃទិសនិរតី       មិនអាសូរស្រីបក់មិនល្ហើយ

ឬអ្នកជួបហង្សថ្មីទៅហើយ    បានរូបត្រាណត្រើយកន្ទើយចិត្ត ។

អាសូរម្ចាស់ដៃកូរទឺកល្អក់     ទឹកភ្នែកកខ្វក់ដៃប្រឌិត

អូនលេងជឿហើយពាក្យស្នេហ៍ស្និទ្ធ សូមបួសលាងចិត្តលាងកម្មស្នេហ៍។

អាសូរម្ចាស់ដៃអ្នកអង្វរ ​​    ផ្លែល្វារូបល្អដែលបែកបែរ

ជាតិថ្មីជាតិចាស់មិនចង់ក្បែរ  អោអើយម្ចាស់ស្នេហ៍លារហូត៕
​​​ ​​​​​           Melancholy hands

Melancholy hands of a silky thread

Rampant and swing along certain words

Scented fragrance of the flowers

Waving the expedition from the letters


Melancholy hands that hold me

The Aurora nights, and the true love

When will you come to the moon

Help her to overcome the painfulness in her heart


Melancholy hands that fill with paint

The hands of the pulchritudinous man on the universe

Forget his snail food, sour soup, Areca nuts and betel leaves

Forget his beloved flute that I gave to him


Melancholy hands from the southwest

No sympathy for this anguish

It’s because you find another golden bird

That’s why you turn your back at me


Melancholy hands stir the unclear water

The dirty tears, the liar’s hands

No more belief in your counterfeit words

Become a nun to clean the karma


Melancholy hands begging me

The beautiful fig cheated on love

Next life, old life, wish not to see you again

My little darling, just say goodbye

Rusting Sound of an old Casino

Rusting Sound of an old Casino

You come and then you go

You forget but you pretend like you know

A little wave crushing the sand

The saltiness decay of your old man

I blow away before you bury me

I'm stuck in the grave

While you catch the cloud

Watching it turns into my tears

I lock my legs with all my bones

Waiting for you to call me home

Until the day you knock me down

These clowns wearing a new crown

A cancer has besieged this rotten apple

Because of you

A forced goodbye

While watching the new dancing grass smile.



Poem for Cambodian singer

                                                  Touch Srey Nich is one of my favorite singers. She was shot and unable to sing anymore. Her life is hard when she lost her beautiful voice and I am very upset that I can’t hear her gorgeous voice. She inspired me to write this poem. I want to give her more stamina to enjoy the rest of her life in this world blissfully.

Photo by: khmp3

The Purple Petal

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Bear the Bear

Writing is where I create my imaginary world and become the hero for all the living creatures in that world. Writing is where I express my feelings, I can make it be the most stupid stories with the clumsy and crazy character that I could laugh all day long.  They are the one who solves my real problems, trying to find new solutions for my headache days.

A while ago, I was apart of the Creative Writing Story Expertise. We learned how to use all kinds of writing techniques through poems and short stories. I wrote a lot of poems, pass responses, and short stories.

Bear the Bear” is one of my favorite stories.

Bear the Bear

Bally, I am a 1.30m polar bear. I’ve been pass down five or six times. I am a bear who happily shower the impurity on the palm sofar waiting for my beautiful master’s smile. I wait until my thick furs are short, adhesive, and my

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Halloween Group Writing

A story with different perspectives is interesting. Authors with unique personality change the event and character characteristics throughout the whole story in one blink. 

October 31st, 2017 is the Halloween day. There are seven people who write the story. We take 3 minutes each and then past the story to other to continue.

At last, I edit the grammar and add some words to make the story make sense. This is the result.

I meet my Yin

As I carefully entered the haunted house, the door shut behind me and I see myself eating my own mom. A half red-blue eyes poison my throat. I choke my own oxygen because of the putrid girl pearls the head and grabs the brain; she slowly put them in the month. She is purely gross! It’s so repulsive that I instantly scurry to that villainous disgusting eerie girl and kick strongly on her bloodcurdling stomach. I run past her to find the way out.


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