AP Statistic

AP Statistic is very important in real life because help me improve the reporting skills to collect data, determine the variables and analyzes the tables require this subjects. 

SAT Test Prep

October 14, 2017

This is my first time practice SAT Test Prep. I was nervous and excited at the same time. We started the tests at around 8 o’clock and finished at 12 o’clock. The SAT is math (no calculator), math (calculator), reading, writing, and language usage. Everyone seems to try there best to finish, however, some of us didn’t get to finish the test. The test needed calculator, pencils and blank paper. Because the test is digital, we don’t need to write on the paper. The website we used called Khan Academy. After we had done the tests, it showed the total scores and the subjects or skills we need to improve which saved the time to get results. I wish I could do better on the test and make a good improvement next time.