National Authority For Combating Drugs

Our exploration is about the Drug in Cambodia. To be able to get the information, we went to National Authority For Combating Drugs. There are over 20,000 drug users that the police had caught in 2017. They think that they need to time them by 5 because they didn’t know how much more who are hiding in the dark. The popular drug in Cambodia is Methamphetamine. The drug is effective both mental and physical. We can identify them by their lack of famished, their messiness, and aggressiveness. People usually come back to the place that stops the drug 20 times because they can’t stop using it. They need to pay much amount of money and also get into the jail; if they don’t refuse to get treatment, they don’t need to go to jail.


Art in the Ads

Many people are very sensitive to art and design that tells them stories, to colors that induce them to cry, smile, wonder, and yearn, and to typography that grabs their attention. To be able to get customers, many businesses try to find attractive packages, flyers, print and video ads. The job of creating the colors, the typography, and the art in this ads are handled by graphic designers.

I have an exploration called Art in Cambodia, which is about making printed ads, posters, storyboard, and magazine. We were using an old technique of creating printed ads and creating new printed ads by the 80s-90s styles.

By: Orbit                            By: Vornsar

Spray or Not to Spray

Spray or not to Spray is my first round exploration in 2017. This exploration focused on the pesticides that are spray in Liger. We had been researched about the side effect of pesticides toward the environment and the general pesticides that been used in Cambodia. Our exploration took the trips to CEDAC; it is an organization that helped Cambodia promote organic farming. Also, we went to Takmeo market to interview the sellers about pesticides usage and the law from the government.

On September 2, our exploration went to Snoul. Our purposes were to interview the farmers and to see the different pesticides that they use.

As the result, we created a magazine to store the information and also to share to Liger students and other people about pesticides in Cambodia.

Magazine: Disperse