Volunteer for Frisbee at Kampong Speu

Running and jumping is hard. I need long arms, long legs, long body to reach the disk. However, frisbee makes me want to grow–not taller, but stronger as a human being.

There are not many women who would play sport since some Cambodians still believe that women who are muscular are all ugly. And the man should be the one who participates in those activities. But, I think that anyone can be anything. Sport is not just for tall or short, fat or skinny, black or white–it is the action of making you healthy and to release some stress; even more is to meet new people and to create new friends.

I had fallen in love with one more sport besides basketball, and that is Frisbee. There are not many Cambodians who know about this beautiful sport. I am just one of the trainers for BeeForce for about 5 months. However, I had learn to work as a team, be integrity, and be respectful to the other team members.

My teammates and I wanted to bring this sport to young Cambodians. So we had decided to volunteer and spend our weekend to teach CAMKIDS’ students of how to play frisbee. The students were very excited and nervous at the same time. It was a big baking day where we were running back and force on the field to catch the frisbee. I was very grateful to see how much they love this sport and wanted us to come back again.

I got some beautiful drawing from the student’s their for a thank you.


Frisbee at Malaysia

Frisbee was not one of my favorite sports. Because I am small to catch the disk, to block the offense, and actually to throw when there is a defense with the long arms to block you. There are lots and lots of running, jumping, catching, and throwing the disk. But at last, I was selected to be one of the frisbee players to go to Malaysia.

I was very impressed by the view in Malaysia and the people there. Most people know how to speak more than two languages: English, Chinese, Malaysian, Korean, Japanese and others. Their food was very spicy and salty. I like those tastes but I don’t eat spicy that well so I ate always have sandwiches for my breakfast and lunch.

Besides the food, people are friendly there. I was lost on the second day because my roommates had the key to get in. I used the elevator to go from one floor to another to find them. But I am stuck on one of the floors because I don’t have the card. I asked the people there and they help me out. I was a bit scared by finally them come back to the room.

However, we played three games on the first day and another three games on the second day. We won the first game and lose to the rest. But we had learned a lot from other teams with their techniques. We have always had a spiritual game after the game. The captains were the one who said about positive things and how thankful we were to play and learn from them. They usually surprised of how young we are; we are 14-18 year old and they are about 22+.

It was a great trip and I wish to experience more games in the future.


National Authority For Combating Drugs

Our exploration is about the Drug in Cambodia. To be able to get the information, we went to National Authority For Combating Drugs. There are over 20,000 drug users that the police had caught in 2017. They think that they need to time them by 5 because they didn’t know how much more who are hiding in the dark. The popular drug in Cambodia is Methamphetamine. The drug is effective both mental and physical. We can identify them by their lack of famished, their messiness, and aggressiveness. People usually come back to the place that stops the drug 20 times because they can’t stop using it. They need to pay much amount of money and also get into the jail; if they don’t refuse to get treatment, they don’t need to go to jail.


Kampot Reader and Writer Festival

On November 2nd, 16 students had including me had attempted the festival called “Reader and Writer” festival. It had been 4 days that all the students had experience with the poetry slam and art. 

  On the first day, we went to the pepper farm called “SOTHY’s Pepper Farm”.

 We interviewed the owner and also explored the farm.

One of the interesting things is because of the special rock or soil that has only in Kampot and has been used for pepper purpose, makes the quality of the pepper become higher.

But because of the climate change, the traditional way of growing the pepper is very harmful to the business.

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Short Story Competition

On August 3rd, 2017, I went the book launch called the Mekong Shadows, Tales from Cambodia with my father and sister. I was the second winner in writing the short story under the theme “Noir”. There are about five or six Cambodian who wrote the story including me. I was the youngest author in the book and it made me nervous and excited.

My short story called “Little Girl and the Hat”. It was about the life of a little five-year-old girl who suffered from the loss of her mother and finance problems. The story express the feeling of younger with an adult mind because of the experiences she has been through.



Kingdom of WOW

Three of my friends and I are making one of the talent show for Phnom Penh kids from 9-18 years old to show all of there talent. We started very hard to learn how to start the show while making plan to the show. As you know, to run one big talent show is hard and we had only 4 students and 2 facilitators who look after us. We tried our best to attract the students to join our show and before that we need to get permission from each schools that we went. Some schools were tough to talk too and some were easy. The hardest part was try to find sponsorship. My friends, teachers and I were very stressful because we just plan this for 3 months. We have less time to work on it, so we need to work until night time to get this done.

At the end, I am so happy because we successfully on the talent show.

This is in the talent show.PSAM0017






I also have one band call “Who” too. We won the first place of band category.



This is a group picture.


Committees picture

We also have the advertise on MYTV and Sabay


This is the winner in singing category.

YouTube Channel

Sopheak and I were starting a YouTube Channel call “Vornsar and Sopheak”. We are making the video about games, dance, music, art and other fun activities. We make this to share to Cambodian people to use YouTube in a good way. Please! If you have YouTube Channel, don’t forget to subscribes, like, comment and share. Our Facebook page call ” Sopheak Vornsar Sopheak Vornsar”.





Maker Faire

On the maker faire we had so many art activities like: bubble paint, drawing anime, free painting, bracelet and origami live music. I had notice that they afraid of drawing because they scared other people will judge on their drawing. Also some of the students said they didn’t have any art class. Our challenge are, there were so many people came and visited us but we didn’t have enough place for them.

Including to this maker faire, they had maker faire competition. There are five challeges that the students must complete on. There were six liger’s students got into the final and the rest were random.
We did the challenge by present to them about our product in khmer, english or both.


Ministry day

On 12/1/2016, we had a sharation sharing to 42 school’s directors and workers in ministry from Phnom Penh. Our sharation was about what we were doing in the past and right now. We were sharing by presentation in two languages, but three others students(including me) were taking video and pictures. Here some pictures I had taken.


























Liger Olympic 2014

In every year, Liger has a special activity called Olympic. We all including students and staff gather in big groups and try to solve the problems to compete with another group. Because we all have an open-minded, we don’t really care much about winning. However, the things that we remember the most are the happiness and the beautiful time we spend together.